About NARD

NARD is the umbrella body for all Doctors in Nigeria below the rank of consultants.
Members include Resident Doctors from State owned institutions, willing Private Institutions, and Federal institutions.


To read about the History of NARD Click Here.

To download a copy of the History of NARD Click on this link

NARD Constitution


NARD Constitution consist of the dos and the donts in the NARD. This simply explains the roles and duties of officers, corrective measures, membership and delisting criteria.To view the Constitution of NARD, Click Here.

To download a copy of the constitution of NARD Click on this link

2017-2018                                    THE NATIONAL OFFICERS COUNCIL (NOC)

President:                                                     Dr. Olusegun I. Olaopa

Vice President 1:                                         Dr. Ahmed Rufai

Vice President 2:                                         Dr. Kingsley Nwafor

Secretary General:                                     Dr. Ude Anthony

Assistant Secretary General:                 Dr. Timta Abubakar

Financial Secretary:                                  Dr. Okorie Ifeanyi

Treasurer:                                                     Dr. Fagbule O. Francis

Public And Social Secretary (PRO):      Dr. Keffas Thomas

Editor:                                                            Dr. Ehiosun Aigbomian

Deputy Editor:                                            Dr. Dabrinze Chijioke

Immediate Past President:                    Dr. Ugochukwu Chinaka

Immediate Past Secretary General:            Dr. Nnadi V. Osinachukwu

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